Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dwinguler ranged play mat made of?

The surface of product is combined with unique acryl and urethane structure, and inner structure is designed safely with resin and foam layer.


How do we know that Dwinguler ranged play mat is safe for daily use?

Dwinguler ranged play mat is passed global safety regulation such as EU Toy directive, CE certification, and CPSIA. [Test Reports]


I just unpacked the playmat, and I found some crease and smell. Is this normal?

Crease can be occurred when it is firstly opened. It is due to the packaging style and delivery lead time, and will be dissapeared within few days.

Smell is not harmful to our body, and will be dissapeared within few days.


How to take care for Dwinguler ranged play mat?

The Dwinguler ranged play mat was designed for the ultimate in comfort and ease of use.

To maintain its optimal performance and durability, please keep the following.

  • Use on flat and clean floor.
  • Please wipe the surface with moist clean towel before initial use.
  • For cleanning, simply wipe the surface with a clean wet cloth. Use neutral detergent if needed (Harsh chemical cleaner is NOT recommended).
  • Avoid using vaccum cleaners with bristle rotating heads as they may cause scratching.
  • Avoid direct exposure under the sun and direct contact with heating elements as these may damage the playmat. Avoid leaving the playmat in extremely hot or cold temperatures (-10 ~ 40 degrees C).
  • Please note that some pens, markers and crayons may leave permanent stains.
  • Do not place any heavy objects on the surface of the mat for any extended period of time as this may cause permanent compression.
  • Sharp tool cause fatal damage on soft mat. Avoid to use sharp objects or tool on the mat.


Does the pattern of play mat is repeating?

Yes, the pattern on each play mat is repeating by machine cutting, and repeated patterns may not be the same. This best illustrated as follow.